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Destination: Procrasti Nation
Destination: Procrasti Nation
Familiar Friends Far From Home
Mid-Winter Bliss
Learning to Fly
Fields of Green
Crisp Winter Interval
Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold
Michael's Backdrop What is this?
Why? It's dominant in Hawai'i, one of my favorite places to visit, and the bright colors make me happy.
Why? It's fast, it's catchy, but other than that it's hard to put into words.
Why or why not? I learned that there were always 9 planets, so I feel gipped by Pluto's demotion to "star".
Why? The freedom of going where cars can't. The wind blowing through my hair and in my face. The rush of screaming down a winding mountain road after painfully cranking to the top.
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Gloria Lee said: (on May 27, 2009)
excuse me?

What is your favorite Winter activity? as far as I'm concerned, winter can just leave the planet and be replaced with another summer or autumn...
Why? Illinois winters suck, but California is pretty good. I think lots of people fall in love then, too. At least I did... :)


Brad Wolfe said: (on Apr 10, 2009)
i'd like to know some good preserves and trails in cupertino! great backbrite...
Gloria Lee said: (on Apr 9, 2009)
hello, my lovely.
Gloria Lee said: (on Feb 13, 2009)
"if anything's this beautiful beneath the pavement. if anything is beautiful inside my mind.."
Ashley H. said: (on Feb 12, 2009)
Awww. Very very cute backbrite. :]
Gloria Lee said: (on Jan 14, 2009)
hi, lovely.
nice backbrite! true artist. :)
Michael's BackBrite: "ifly."
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